Flavio Cicconi

Flavio Cicconi

Date of birth:
September 6th 1991

Jackson Dinky Dk2, Jackson Soloist Sl2, Charvel Post San Dimas

Favourite Bands:
Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Death, Opeth, Blind Guardian, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cynic, Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

Best Album:
Powerslave – Iron Maiden, Made in Japan – Deep Purple, The Sound of Perseverance – Death, Still Life – Opeth, Aqualung – Jethro Tull, Imaginations from the Other Side – Blind Guardian.

Best Concert:
Iron Maiden Live in Bologna 2008, Blind Guardian Live in Monza 2009, Opeth Live in Paris 2016, Arch Enemy Live in Wacken 2016

He starts studying classical music at the age of 12, playing the Western concert flute and soon he developes a strong interest for rock music after listening the music of his idol Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. With the guidance of his uncle Fabrizio Cassol Saxophonist of the belgian Fusion band “Aka Moon” he starts writing his own blues songs. After discovering the genious of Jimi Hendrix He starts playing electric guitar, falling in love for Rock music and soon he begins listening metal music too. Since 2007, with his dear friend Andrea Gianangeli (that will join DragonhammeR in 2013) he partecipates actively in metal underground scene of Rome playing in the majority of the live club of the city with both original songs and covers. In 2010 he founds the power/heavy metal band “Souls Unchained” again with Andrea Gianangeli and releases an album entitled “Rise Unchained” in 2012. Finally in 2015 he joins DragonhammeR and starts his adventure with the band touring in Europe for the second part of the “X Experiment Tour”.