Giulio Cattivera
(Keyboards & Backing Vocals)

Giulio Cattivera

Date of birth:
May 7th 1988

Korg M3, Roland jd800, Roland VK-8

Favourite Bands: 
Deep Purple, Bathory, Stratovarius, Dimmu Borgir, Sonata Arctica, Dream Theater and many more..

Best Albums:
Made in Japan – Deep Purple, Nordland I – Bathory, Images and Words – Dream Theater, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant – Dimmu Borgir

Best Concerts: 
Tuska Helsinki 2011

Metallica Bologna 2008,
Sonata Arctica Stoccolma 2007

He starts studying piano and classical music at the age of 11, appreciating soon symphonic music.
Around 2000, fascinating by the legendary sound of Jon Lord’s hammond, he develops a great interest for 70’s and 80’s hard rock and metal music, so he starts playing keyboards.
Since 2003, he begins attending the rock/metal underground scene of Rome playing with various cover bands.
In 2008 he starts composing original songs with the symphonic/heavy metal band “Joking With Fire” until the band breaks up in 2010 after releasing the first EP.
From 2009 to 2011 he plays in the prog metal band “Blind Secrets” with the guitarist Francesco Fareri.
For the entire 2011 he plays with the drummer John Macaluso in the band “Burn The Sun – John Macaluso’s Tribute to Ark”.
In 2012 he joins DragonhammeR!