Alessandro Mancini

Alessandro Macini

Date of Birth

Electric Guitar

When did you join the band?

Musical influences (artists and albums)
Caladan Brood, Draugr, Moonsorrow, Kawir, Istapp

Best concert you’ve ever attended
There isn’t any one in particular!

The first time you got your hands on an instrument?
When I was 14

Your favorite hobby (besides music)?
Hiking! Mountain and trekking

Favorite movie?
V for ‘Vendetta’

Favorite food and drink
Pizza of course

Favorite Dragonhammer song?

What do you sing in the shower?
Nothing and I don’t even move!

Do you have a particular ritual before entering the stage and to defeat anxiety?
Nope, because if you know the parts then you can recover even if you make a mistake so I would say: knowing the songs.

Favorite and least favorite aspect of being a musician
I hate the whole process before playing live and I love composing music!!

Finally, do you want to say something to your fans? A slogan an advice?
Come at the live shows cursed dogs!! 😊