Dragonhammer are officially born in 1999 as a trio: Max Aguzzi (voice and guitar), Gae Amodio (bass guitar) and Marino Deyana (drums).

The good feedback of the demo-tape “Age of Glory”, helps the band to sign with Legend Music/Elevate Records and to release in 2001 the debut album “The Blood of the Dragon” with which they settle in the power-metal scene of these years. After the good response of the first album, the band signs a new recording contract with Scarlet Records, and in 2004 they release their second album “Time for Expiation”,  with licenses also for Taiwan, Russia and Argentina. With “Time for Expiation” the band decides to leave from the epic and fantasy influences that were typical of the first 2000’s, and starts to move towards introspective and social themes.

After a long break due to personal motivations of the founder members of the band, Dragonhammer comes back in 2012 with a stronger and new powerful line-up.  Giulio Cattivera on keyboards and Andrea Gianangeli on drums join the band alongside with Gae and Max. The band comes back on stage with the new line-up playing along with great bands like Jorn Lande, Primal Fear, Ektomorf, Dgm, Elvenking, Trick or treat, etc.. But the Dragonhammer’s official return is finally consacrated by the release of “The X Experiment” in 2013 and a new signing contract with the label “My kingdom music”. Epic power-prog metal with a futuristic-fantasy is the stamp of the modern Dragonhammer! The X Experiment permits the band to start a long European tour together with FreedomCall for more than one year, including many countries in northern, east and all the central Europe. Close to the end of the tour, the new guitarist Flavio Cicconi join the band and Dragonhammer ends the tour sharing the stage with Rhapsody of Fire.

After the succesfull response of The X Experiment, the time is right to come back in studio and to focus on the fourth album “Obscurity” that is released in October 2017. This album is the continue of the concept story started in The X Experiment and with powerfull melodies, modern approaches to power and fantasy, it marks the decisive maturation of the band.

In 2018, Max Aguzzi (one of the founder members) and the drummer Andrea Gianangeli leave the band due to both the impossibility of following the band in live performances and also for personal motivations. The band is thus about to split up, but the remaining members decide to reorganize and to hire: Luca Micioni on vocals who helps the band in completing all the remaining live shows of the “Obscurity” tour; Alessandro Mancini on guitar and Marco Berrettoni on drums, both as a fixed members. After the completion of the Obscurity tour, the band starts the search of a fixed singer to complete the new line-up. So, in 2022 the singer Mattia Fagiolo joins Dragonhammer as a stable member, he is ready to bring, with his energy, a new lifeblood to the essence of DragonhammeR  🐉 

Giulio Cattivera

Gae Amodio

Flavio Cicconi

Alessandro Mancini

Mattia Fagiolo

Marco Berrettoni