Giulio Cattivera

Giulio Cattivera

Date of Birth

Keyboards, VSTs, Piano

When did you join the band?
Back in 2011

Musical influences (artists and albums)
Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Deep Purple, Metallica and many more but also Chopin, Mozart and… I don’t know there are too many I would like to mention!

Best concert you’ve ever attended
Gods of Metal 2008

The first time you got your hands on an instrument?
When I was 6 in my house there was an old synth with lots of faders and gauges.. and you know.. everything started

Your favorite hobby (besides music)?
Hiking deep in the mountains, cooking home made Pizza and visiting old villages

Favorite movie?
The Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2

Favorite food and drink
well.. Pizza and Beer! But only craft and of good quality

Favorite Dragonhammer song?
Dragonhammer, The eye of the Storm, Blood in the sky

What do you sing in the shower?
Medieval choirs …! I like to test the lowest notes with the nice reverb of the bathroom

Do you have a particular ritual before entering the stage and to defeat anxiety?
I’m always scared of doing a mess and still cannot find a way to fight this feeling. Do you have any suggestion?

Favorite and least favorite aspect of being a musician
It is my best way to express myself, I love doing deep night sessions at the keyboard to reconcile with the world. The least favorite? Damn, there is no way for sleeping!

Finally, do you want to say something to your fans? A slogan an advice?
Go on your own way, but first, think carefully about it and make your decision.