Mattia Fagiolo

Mattia Fagiolo

Date of Birth


When did you join the band?

Musical influences (artists and albums)
Judas Priest, Dream theater, Symphony x, angra

Best concert you’ve ever attended
Judas Priest, Mantova 2012 e Symphony x Roma 2019

The first time you got your hands on an instrument?
When I was 6!

Your favorite hobby (besides music)?
Watching anime, visiting churches and museums

Favorite movie?
The Prince of Egypt

Favorite food and drink
Pizza and Beer!!

Favorite Dragonhammer song?
The End of the World and the whole new upcoming Album!

What do you sing in the shower?
From Puccini to Alex Baroni

Do you have a particular ritual before entering the stage and to defeat anxiety?
Warming up and isolate myself a few minutes before the live

Favorite and least favorite aspect of being a musician
Favorite: traveling, performing and meeting new people Less favorite: having to pay attention to what I eat and drink before concerts 😅

Finally, do you want to say something to your fans? A slogan an advice?
See you on the road, daje!