Release date: October 27, 2017


1 Darkness Is Coming 1:39
2 The Eye Of The Storm 4:30
3 Brother Vs Brother 3:57
4 Under The Vatican’s Ground 4:36
5 The Game Of Blood 4:40
6 The Town Of Evil 5:36
7 Children Of The Sun 5:46
8 Fighting The Beast 4:38
9 Remember My Name 4:49
10 Obscurity 5:51

Label: My Kingdome Music
Songs written by – Max Aguzzi and Giulio Cattivera, track 5 by Giulio Cattivera and Flavio Cicconi
Lyrics By – Max Aguzzi
Arranged By – Dragonhammer
Orchestral Arrangements on track 2,8,9,10 by Giulio Cattivera
Engineered, Recorded By –  Max Aguzzi (guitars, vocals, backing vocals) and Giulio Cattivera (drums, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitars, backing vocals) at Draconia Studio
Editing and Guitars reamp By – Alb Bandino at Cut Fire Studio
Mixed By – Alessio Cattivera with Giulio Cattivera at Draconia Studio
Mastered By – Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio
Cover, Artwork – Rob Marconi
Photography By – Giacomo Mearelli
English consultant By – Sabrina Vera
Producer – Dragonhammer

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In memory of Davide Donno, we know you will listen to this album anywhere you are


Vocals – Max Aguzzi
Bass – Gae Amodio
Drums – Andrea Gianangeli
Guitar – Max Aguzzi, Flavio Cicconi
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Giulio Cattivera