Release date: December 2, 2013

The X Experiment

1 It’s Beginning 1:35
2 The End Of The World 4:54
3 Seek In The Ice 5:27
4 The X Experiment 4:58
5 Escape 5:20
6 My Destiny 6:02
7 The Others 4:35
8 Follow Your Star 5:30
9 Last Solution 4:53

Label – My Kingdome Music
Songs written by – Max Aguzzi
Lyrics By – Max Aguzzi
Arranged By – Dragonhammer
Orchestral Arragements on track 8 by Giulio Cattivera

Engineered, Recorded By – Max Aguzzi at Draconia Studio except for all keyboards engineered and recorded by Giulio Cattivera at Draconia Studio
 Mixed By – Max Aguzzi at Draconia Studio

Mastered By – Emiliano Ra-b* at La Zona Studio
Cover, Artwork – Rob Marconi at Dirtdesign Creative Studio
Photography By – Giacomo Mearelli at
English consultant By – Sabrina Vera
Producer – Dragonhammer

Additional info

Guest, Vocals in “The End Of The World” – Roberto Tiranti 
Guest, Vocals in “My Destiny” – Titta Tani
Guest, Guitar Solo in “My Destiny” – Francesco Fareri
Guest, Drums  – David Folchitto
Backing Female Vocals – Mary Pichierri and Lara Bertoli
Vocals on “It’s beginning” – Francesca Fabrizi (Italian), Sabrina Vera (Engish), Carole Civit (French), Christer Haroy (Norwegian), Tarja Virmakari (Finnish), Marina Dimistrasuk (Lithuanian), Dijana Zmija (Serbian), Erika Arborg Gallo (Spanish), Mio Jäger (Swedish)


Vocals – Max Aguzzi
Bass – Gae Amodio
Guest, Drums – David Folchitto
Guitar – Giuseppe De Paolo, Max Aguzzi
Keyboards – Giulio Cattivera